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24th August 2022

"Strength in Independence"

Best wishes for peace in Ukraine on Independence Day of Ukraine.


26th July 2022

Michael Elston Presented With Carved Map of Bucha by Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk

In Bucha, the city that came under Russian occupation from 27th February to 1st April 2022, Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk showed Michael Elston the mass graves and discussed the atrocities that had taken place there. Inside the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called Apostle, Father Andrii Halavin led a tour of the photographic display recording some of those atrocities.

NYAS Trouble with the Law Candidate Pled

20th March 2021

NYAS 'Trouble With The Law' Campaign

I am supporting the National Youth Advocacy Service's campaign, which calls for better support and protection for care-experienced children and young people within the criminal justice system.


3rd January 2021

The Greater Manchester Flag

Thanks to Wez from Oldham for writing this - “It’s great minded business men with strong hearts like our Mr Michael Elston that will help bring forth the light at the end of this dark tunnel we have been led into, as the industrial heart of our crippling economy, Greater Manchester and its people have always strived and have given their all to keep the clockwork ticking. The Greater Manchester county flag may not be considered a legal registered flag anymore but never the less it will always symbolise where we came from and how far we have come into fruition. We are great and we will always win our battles with strength and honour! We will not be forced into the tunnels any more. We will Prosper and protect our rights.🐝“ - Wesley Holden


1st January 2021

New Year's Day 2021

Michael Elston speaking from outside Manchester Town Hall.

Orion E 3.jpg

2nd December 2020

Electric Buses Manufactured in Greater Manchester

Mellor Coachcraft, based in Rochdale, manufactured the world's first fully electric low floor small bus. These are perfect for bus routes with smaller passenger numbers and also for reintroducing bus routes that have been discontinued.


5th November 2020

Local Small Business Owner Victimised by Manchester City Council

Abid Halim is the proprietor of Shoe Box on Dickenson Road in Longsight. Like many small businesses, Abid is entitled to small business rates relief. However, Manchester City Council has repeatedly refused to grant it, instead serving Abid with a bankruptcy petition, in spite of the fact that he does not owe Manchester City Council anything at all. The hearing will be on 17th November. UPDATE: The case has been transferred to the Business and Property Courts. A contested hearing will take place on the first available date after 15th December.


10th September 2020

Involuntary Euthanasia in NHS Hospitals; Reintroduction of the 'Liverpool Care Pathway'

NHS England has reintroduced involuntary euthanasia as part of its response to the covid-19 pandemic because this country simply does not have enough hospital beds to treat everyone.


27th July 2020

Neighbourhood Watch launches 'There's Safety in Neighbours' campaign

With the easing of lockdown, it is expected that there will be a rise in burglaries. Neighbourhood Watch has announced a new campaign complete with crime prevention toolkits.


20th February 2020

Michael Elston meets Volt UK

Chapter One Books, the independent coffee shop and bookstore in Manchester's Northern Quarter, hosted Volt's Meet & Greet. Volt is a very positive, forward-thinking, pan-European political party. Many of its members have never previously been politically active. Alex Haida, Manchester City Lead, explained some of Volt's policies, including citizen empowerment and European Union reform. Volt may be influential in our future relationship with Europe.


28th September 2019

Manchester Cadet International Tournament

Bolton Arena, Horwich

It was my pleasure to award the medals at one of the UK's most prestigious fencing tournaments, which attracted 282 competitors from all over the world.

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