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It's not surprising that Party Politics is so bitterly divisive, each of the old political parties having exploited those segments of society from which they received little or no support.

Politics doesn't have to be like this.

It is possible to have Authorities that don't exploit the public.

It is possible to have Councillors and MPs who are willing to represent everyone in their wards and constituencies.

It is possible to have a fairer system of taxation.

It is possible to have ideas that are put into practice based on their own merits and not purely because they are devised by the party in power.

Independents won 228 seats at this year's local elections and there are now 461 Independent candidates, spread across 317 constituencies, standing in the General Election, together with 14 parties of Independents, fielding a further 26 candidates between them.

#4thJuly #IndependentsDay #VoteMichaelElston

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